Sunday, May 24, 2009

What is a "progressive Republican"?

It used not to be regarded as an outrageous, even trecherous, concept. The "glory days" of the GOP were not when it let big business and special interests run unchecked, but when it combined basic American tradions with pragmatism about current issues while maintaining a greater vision that ordinary people could identify with.

I don't believe there was an extended period when this happened, but golden moments throughout American history when the sunlight broke through.

The next post will set out some ideas about what a progressive Republican might believe. The propositions are offered as a starting point for debate, not final principles handed down from on high. After all, who am I to do that?

At present, there is no intellectual foundation for Republicanism. The neo-cons continue to brow-beat everyone into believing that if you're not for them, you're against them. This is an anti-intellectual position and can only lead to continual defeat of Republican candidates if this image of our party continues to prevail.

We must not be afraid to criticize those who are setting themselves up as unelected party leaders, and make them understand that we don't have to buy their whole package to be "real" Republicans or "real" Americans.

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