Sunday, May 24, 2009

What is a progressive Republican?

Before beginning, I want to repeat what I said before, these are ideas to be debated, not final or complete principles. Yet, there should be enough here that others find the basis of a vision to support.

A Progressive Republican

  • believes in the defense of the nation, but will not betray Constitutional principles out of fear

  • believes in justice and the rule of law

  • acknowledges that there is a difference between freedom and unbridled self-interest

  • believes that with rights come responsibilities

  • believes in equality of opportunity, but not in the undue interference of the state in private lives

  • believes that all public servants, elected, appointed and hired, are ultimately accountable to the people

  • believes that free enterprise is the driving force of America's wealth, strength and vitality, but also that the involvement of the Federal government may be desirable and necessary in certain areas

  • believes in traditional family values while acknowledging liberty and justice for all

  • believes in rule by the majority and also in the rights of minorities

  • believes that education is a matter for individual states apart from ensuring that individual rights are protected and funding fairly administered

  • recognises the difference between a handout and supporting the less able and helping them to prosper.

Future posts will explore the above and add other issues.

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  1. You have created an ideal list of what a progressive Republican should be. Although I am not a Republican, I would have much greater respect for the party if they were to follow many of the principals that you have outlined. I have immense respect for what you are doing in trying to bring your party to the center. Best of luck with your blog and I will check back often. Although The Common Progressive may lean a bit left for you at times, I hope you continue to read and that we will remain blogging friends! Cheers! :)