Sunday, July 5, 2009

And so, Sarah Palin

There is really only one conclusion to draw from Sarah Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska without having completed a single term: she is through with politics.

I have had great misgivings about Mrs Palin from the beginning. Her political pedigree was about as sound as Warren G. Harding's, and while she provided a welcome breath of forthrightness and media indiscipline, she never had the intellectual clout to be wholly credible as a candidate on the presidential ticket.

Her ordinariness was refreshing, but the lesson is that ordinary people can't govern the nation – or, it seems, states. For that we need exceptional people with a sense of history, a sound grounding in philosophical principles of democracy, and a real vision of what should be done.

Sarah Palin is now finished as a national candidate. Her rambling press conference offered no clear reasons for her resignation, and her dead fish metaphor about going with the current was as confused and unclear as adolescent poetry. What it wasn't was profound.

I wish her well, spending more time with her family and working like other Americans to do the right thing and hopefully prosper. She will be good for a comment in 2012 and maybe even an endorsement speech, but caution should be advised if going down that route.

The Republican Party still needs a thoughtful heavyweight like the late, great Bill Buckley, who can make the arguments if not make the running. Unfortunately, Sarah Palin could do neither.

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  1. "intellectual clout"?

    Do you mean like all those business men with their MBA's from Ivy League schools which ran our economy into the ground due to excessive greed?