Friday, January 1, 2010

Saying the Unsayable 2: A Happy New Year for the GOP?

Unfortunately, probably not.

In spite of some massive opportunities for the GOP to seize the high ground and create serious unease for the Administration and the Democrats on more local levels, activities have been personality rather than issue-based, and largely uncoordinated.

The momentum generated by the Tea Parties has been lost because there are as of yet no national Republican leaders worthy of the name.
The problem is the same one that lost the 2008 election: There is no coherent vision.

The GOP has dithered on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; it has failed spectacularly to present a viable alternative to Obamacare, and it has yet to organize itself around a core of potential candidates for 2012.

If there are Republican gains in 2012, if things remain as they are, it will be because the Democrats have screwed up, not that the GOP has done anything right. The consequence of that will be more of the same, because the GOP will convince itself that it did have an attractive platform and will continue to do nothing substantive as 2012 rolls on.

Unseating Obama should be a piece of cake: he's not going to win the wars by 2012; he's not going to have a smoothly running healthcare system; he's not going to have paid off the national debt.

GOP policies from the grass roots up continue to be knee-jerk conservatism, not considered conservatism. The public is virtually gagging for a credible and realistic alternative vision. On that isn't afraid to upset some people while presenting real proposals.

Let's get real: Sarah Palin will NEVER be a viable candidate and is a very doubtful standard-bearer. (Though with a bit of GOP help, she could become the Harold Stassen of the 21st century).

Bottom line: at the moment, we're losing anyway; let's lose over something worthwhile.

Time to move ahead, not just move on.